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Premonition? Brittany Murphy’s Death

Brittany Murphy dies (in real life) at 32 years of age. It’s irony is that she recently made a comeback with a movie called Deadline, in the movie she plays a character named Alice, who is also 32.

She’s a writer recovering from a psychological breakdown who retreats to this spooky, empty house (who happens to belong to someone she’s involved with…). She wants to focus on finishing her screenplay in time for a fast approaching deadline.

Shortly after her arrival, mysterious noises and strange things cause her imagination to run wild, sending her on a twisting and terrifying pursuit to find out what is behind the endless mind games. Scared but curious, Alice gathers the courage to go down into the cold, attic where she finds a shoe box filled with mini-dv tapes.

This takes her through the life of “Lucy” played by Thora Birch. We also meet Lucy’s husband , who starts getting psychotic and jealous. And things don’t go so well once they find themselves in the bathroom, as we find out how lucy died, drowned in the bathtub by her husband….

In real life, Brittany Murphy was found by her husband in the bathroom, she reportedly collapsed, but there’s pending investigation being done.

‘Redbox’ seeks to quickly remove ironic Brittany Murphy Deadline movie posters. TMZ reports that the “Deadline” movie posters which give a very ironic display of the way Brittany Murphy died, are being recalled by the Redbox DVD rental company.

It will reportedly take about 7-10 days to remove the image from the 19,000 kiosks,which are located throughout the country. They also say that the Deadline distribution company is going to change out all the DVD covers as well.


Director: Sean McConville
Writer: Sean McConville
Production Companies: Enso Entertainment, KRU Studio, Films In Motion
Distributors: First Look Pictures
Plot: A screenwriter who travels to an abandoned house to finish a script on time, but a series of strange events lead her to a psychological breakdown.
Cast: Brittany Murphy, Thora Birch, Tammy Blanchard, Marc Blucas, Claudia Troll, Michael Piscitelli

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