Girls post online cartoon on how to kill classmate

A Pierce County mother wants some answers after some of her daughter’s classmates posted a video online, showing several ways to kill the girl.

The video is a cartoon that was made off school grounds by a group of young girls aged 11 and 12.

That video made the rounds on YouTube.

The cartoon is called “Top Six Ways to Kill Piper” and it includes depictions of give girls shooting her, making her commit suicide, poisoning her, and even pushing her off a cliff.

“I was horrified,” said Beth Smith, Piper’s mother.

Beth Smith says the cartoon targeting her daughter was posted on YouTube to a Hannah Montana song called “True Friend.”

Piper is a 6th grader at Elk Plain School of Choice and the girls who made the video attend the same school.

“It really hurt my feelings,” said Piper. “If someone hates me that much, to make a video about me, it makes me feel really bad.”

Beth Smith contacted the parents of the girls who made the video. Some were shocked, others were dismissive.

“One guy blew it off and said he was making dinner,” she said.

The school district says because of privacy rules it can’t say how the girls were disciplined.

“Since then the students have expressed their remorse about this incident and we do believe that Elk Plain has been and will continue to be a safe place for students to learn,” said Krista Carlson, Bethel School District.

Not knowing what happened leaves Smith frustrated because she wants to know if her daughter is safe.

“My heart aches,” she said. “I fear for her safety.”

Piper said some of the girls called to apologize.

A report was filed with the sheriff’s department.

Source: King 5

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