Fan of ‘The Lord of the Rings’ recreates miniature house of Frodo

Maddie Chambers, 30, spent the last year being devoted to the work of JRR Tolkien, more precisely to the home of Frodo. She built a mockup of the house’s character from “The Lord of The Rings.”

The hobbits Bag End cottage is where the trilogy – one of the most popular books ever published – begins and ends and is home to pint-sized hero Frodo, played in Peter Jacksons record-breaking films by Elijah Wood.

The English girl was so meticulous she knew perfectly reproduce the lawn, windows and even the furniture of the scene from the movie by Peter Jackson.

The model of Maddie, Derbyshire, England, has a square meter and was inspired by the scenes and photos published in books.

“I read the entire trilogy over 20 times and each reading is like the first,” he told the British newspaper “Telegraph”.

Source: Telegraph

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