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Parent of the Year: Parents hire “evil clown” to terrify children for a week

Parents in Switzerland found a different way of celebrate their kid’s birthday.

Instead of hiring a magician or clown to a traditional children’s party, they hire the services of an “evil clown”.

Dominic Deville is paid to terrorize the birthday for a week, sending messages and threatening anonymous letters, making frightening calls, among other jokes of dubious taste.

The “surprise” ending with a meeting of the evil clown with his victim and a pie in the face.

Deville told the British newspaper “Metro” that his inspiration came to embody the clown of the horror stories of Stephen King.

“It’s very fun. But when the children are very frightened, I stop the joke,” said the clown, who only abuses in games with parental permission.

“My idea is to bring some life and laughter to children,” he said Dominic Deville.

Source: Metro

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