British woman Sells Breast Milk Lasagna, Cupcakes…

A Britsh woman Abi Blake, 30, make recipes to create a complete breast milk menu, which includes tarts, smoothies and even lasagne.

The married mum-of-one shares her creations with friends and even sells the food to strangers at food festivals.

Abi, who uses a breast pump to express and collect excess milk after eight-month-old daughter Tily is full, says: “I am the Nigella Lawson of breast milk cookery.

Although Abi’s cooking may seem like nothing more than a strange hobby, research released yesterday claims breast milk can kill cancer cells.

A compound found in it, dubbed Hamlet – Human Alpha-lactalbumin Made Lethal to Tumour – has been found to kill 40 types of cancer cells in tests, without causing the same damaging side effects as chemotherapy.

After experimenting with various dishes, Abi invited her close friends for afternoon tea.

She recalls: “After producing plates of butterfly cakes with cream, chocolate tart and coffee swirl cake – and receiving compliments on how delicious they all were – I dropped the bombshell that they had been made with my own milk.

“At first they were shocked, but then they remarked on how much better the food tasted than when made with cow’s milk.”

Abi, from Clifton, Bristol, freezes batches of her milk in plastic containers and has regular HIV and STD tests before serving her milk to guests.

Source: thesun.co.uk

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  1. Lasagna Recipes

    Why don’t we just leave the breast milk for the babies. Anyway they need it more than we do. Not to mention that some mothers are choosing not to breastfeed their babies. Perhaps, you can just encourage them to do so. Let’s just use the conventional milk or cream or cheese on lasagna and leave the nutritious breast milk for the babies.

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