Awesome Acts of Nature (That Science Can’t Explain) #3. Red Rain in Kerala

#3. Red Rain in Kerala

When you think of getting caught in the rain, you typically worry about things like “Will my socks get wet?” and “Do I have time to restraighten my hair?” Unless you lived in the Kerala region of India back in 2001, when the universe douched Kool-Aid all over the subcontinent.

From July to September, Kerala experienced a prolonged period of red rainfall (there was also some black, green and yellow rain, but scientists agreed that the red was way more extreme).

As the summer progressed, colored rain continued to fall from the sky in well-delineated areas, sometimes in places directly adjacent to areas with normal, non-terrifying precipitation. The ground was stained, linens were ruined and numerous little league games were canceled in the red rain’s wrathful wake.

Source: Cracked

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