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Police chases a woman in Mystery Machine mini van

This comes from Shasta County, California, a 51 years old woman, wanted for a probation violation, led the police on chase, driving Scooby Doo’s Mystery Machine.

Police chases a woman in Mystery Machine mini van

According to police, Sharon Kay Turman, was found driving the mentioned minivan, a 1994 Chrysler minivan, at California Street and Shasta Street, on Sunday March 6th.

Officers tried to conduct a traffic stop, that is when Mrs. Turman put pedal to the metal!

She drove through an intersection against a red light hitting four other vehicles. The California Highway Patrol was call to tried to located the Mystery Machine, they spoted her flying over 100 mph at Hill Drive just north of city of Anderson.

From there the Mystery Machine continued onto Highway 36 westbound, where she was spotted by the CHP helicopter abandoning her vehicle, said officers.

Police chases a woman in Mystery Machine mini van 01The 51 years old, 5’7″ 175 pounds simple vanished, leaving the police from Redding Police Department and The California Highway Patrol empty handed.

Detail: Police believe it belonged to someone else whom Turman knew, but couldn’t immediately say why she was driving it.

Sharon Kay Turman was later arrested eleven days later and now added Reckless evading to her list.

from: The Mirror, NBCNEWS and Record Seachlight.

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