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Misstress is ordered to pay $ 9 million for ‘husband stealing’

Cynthia Shackelford won a $ 9 million to bring to justice the lover of her ex-husband. The U.S. had claimed that their feelings and your man stolen by the “other”.

A retired teacher from North Carolina in the United States, used as an argument a state law that says every woman is her husband’s property and should be zelada for him, and vice versa. “I was hurt and my children,” said Cynthia on “Good Morning America.”

The head teacher Anne Lundquist, 49, became involved with Schackelford Allan, 62, even though his marriage of 33 years.

Cynthia, the betrayed wife, decided to take a lover to the courts and won the action in a trial that lasted two days. She was surprised by the amount you will receive the “other”.

Source: Phantoms and Monsters

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