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Man attacks mom, says the Pepsi machine “made him” do it

David L. Huffman, 33, told police that he assaulted his 68-year-old mother Tuesday because a Pepsi machine “made him” do it.

New Sewickley police were called to Huffman’s address at about 2 pm for an altercation involving Huffman and his mother, Ethel Huffman.

Officer Gregory Carney wrote that he and Police Chief Ron Leindecker found David Huffman in the kitchen.

Ethel Huffman was lying in a bed with wrist “obvious deformity.”

She told police that she was arguing with her son when he threw her to the ground.

Carney said he spoke to David Huffman, who claimed “that the Pepsi machine at Costco made him hurt his mother,” the officer wrote.

David Huffman also said “he was mad at his mother because she smokes drugs,” Carney wrote.

Another attack at mothers

Huffman is the second New Sewickley man charged by township police with assaulting his mother in November.

On November 10, Joshua Crispino, 37 years old, from 119 Brown Road, allegedly took too much cough syrup and rammed his mother’s head into the side of her house at 115 Brown Road before punching Big Knob Volunteer Department Assistant Fire Chief, John Murtha, when Murtha tried to treat Crispino’s injuries.

Crispino is charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, criminal mischief and two counts of harassment.

He faces a Dec. 16 preliminary hearing.

Source: Beaver County Times

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