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‘Jesus’ door fails to sell

We are very religious today. A bid to sell bathroom door, said to have the face of Jesus, for charity failed to attract a single bid.

An eBay user noticed the image on his bathroom door and decided to auction it to help victims of the Haiti earthquake.

The seller, known as ‘hecox’, from Wichita, US, pledged 50% of proceeds from the sale to the needy.

“I noticed the face as I was coming out of the bathroom. I was intrigued to take pictures of it,” the seller says in the item description.

“There has to be a good light on the door to fully appreciate the face. Indeed, it does look like the face of Jesus. In no way at all did I make this image on the door.”

Images of deities on ordinary objects have sold for small fortunes on eBay – but not this time.

Comments from eBay users ranged from “it looks like an owl” to “is it a priest?”

And the auction ended with not a single bid beyond the seller’s opening asking price of 99 US cents.

Source: ananova.com

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