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Couple is forbidden to have sex at night in the UK

A FED-UP couple banned from romping by council chiefs last night moaned: “Watching TV and having sex are our only luxuries.”

And Alan and Fiona Hay insisted their saucy sessions only last five minutes because Alan suffers from asthma.

The pair claim officials slapped the ban on them having sex between 10pm and 7am after a neighbour’s child complained to a Teacher about their noisy nookie.

Officials from the local council came to the residence of Hay in Penicuik, Scotland, and passed along a complaint from neighbors, or more precisely of a boy who said he did not get to sleep with the moans of Fiona.

The boy would have taken the story to the classroom and his teacher made the case to pass the city.

Alan went to the local governing body to complain about the ban. “Our sex sessions last from five to six minutes. That makes no sense, not scream,” he argued, who has asthma and suffers from epilepsy.

“I’m furious. It makes no sense a man and a woman were forbidden to have sex. Making love and watching television are our only luxuries,” Fiona cried the newspaper “The Sun”

Source: thesun.co.uk

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