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Arrested making coffee naked inside the house, American is innocent to judge

The American Erick Williamson, 29, was acquitted by the court of Fairfax County in Virginia (USA), the charge of indecent exposure.

Last year, he was arrested in Springfield to be spotted doing coffee naked inside your own home.

Williamson was arrested after a woman on the street with a boy of seven years caught him naked at 5:30 am on 19th October, while make coffee in the kitchen, and called the police.

At the time, he told “Fox” who shares the house with co-workers and I was alone that night. “Yes, I was not dressed, but was alone in my own home and had just awakened. It was dark and I do not had no idea that someone was out there watching me, “he said.

During the hearing, Williamson said he never intended to expose himself to anyone. He noted that, if he knew someone was outside, would have put some clothes on. He apologized for the incident.

Source: myFox

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