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Photo in iPhone busted medium in WA

“One of WA’s most respected mediums is defending his credibility after he publicly analyzed a ghost photo which was in fact a fake image captured by an iPhone application,” reports Chloe Johnson for The Sydney Morning Herald.

“Anthony Grzelka had his spiritual talents tested on radio Nova 93.7 on Tuesday after a listener, Rhanee, sent in a photo of her house which also showed the glow of a ghost,” reports Johnson. “Mr Grzelka had the photo looked at by a photographic specialist who confirmed it was not fake.”

“Mr Grzelka told Rhanee the photo was frightening but the spirit was only an innocent little girl called Bethany who had died in a fire in the early 1900s,” reports Johnson.

“Around 1905, 1910 this little girl unfortunately lost her life in a (hospital) fire, I’m not sure if it’s your building or in that area,” Mr Grzelka said.

“However, only a few hours later Nova 93.7 listeners revealed the photo was the same image used in an iPhone application called Ghost Capture,” reports Johnson.

Source: paranormaldailynews.com

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