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WWII veteran tells of UFO encounter at sea

Joe Misnik is a World War II veteran with a UFO story.
He says they had just “mopped up at Okinawa after the invasion” in June 1945 and were heading back to San Francisco for some R&R.

For five to six daylight hours, they noticed a shiny, round object was following them. Misnik was on deck watch, and observed the object during the time they attempted, unsuccessfully, to shoot it down.

This video piece is part of the Tragic Hinsdale House Webisode series running now on my national Paranormal News page. I thought the readers here might like to hear Joe Misnik’s story firsthand. The series runs a total of 21 Webisodes, exploring the property and its haunted history, especially the 1974 exorcism performed there by the Catholic Church.

But more recently, Misnik had a UFO sighting at his home in Hinsdale, New York. The following video is our Webisode 10, where Joe and Flo Misnik discuss the haunting behavior of their home. If you want to skip the haunted stories, the UFO story begins at the 5 minute mark.

Source: Examiner.com

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