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UFO Seen During Old War Movie

Ed Sherwood shares a little known piece of historic UFO footage recorded during the filming of a 1961 war movie called Snipers Ridge.

An Unidentified Aerial Craft Inadvertently Filmed During the Shooting of Sniper’s Ridge By Ed Sherwood

A little after 1:00 pm on March 18, 2004, while I was taking a short lunch break at home, momentarily watching a 1961 black and white US – Korean War drama called Sniper’s Ridge, I spotted a very impressive looking UFO moving across the sky in the film’s last main action sequence!

The unidentified aerial object is clearly visible in the background twice during the particular action sequence; once for two seconds, and then for five seconds, with about sixteen seconds of different views and action edited between the two clips.

In the first sequence, a soldier takes aim and fires as the unidentified aerial object moves across the sky behind him.

In the second, the same soldier is turning and firing as the unidentified aerial object continues on its path until being obscured by the soldier’s movements.

Though very quick clips, amounting to seven seconds in total, it is possible to determine that the unknown object was large (perhaps larger than a school bus), self-luminous, and elliptical or disk-like in shape.

There were no tail fins, or undercarriage, or structure typical of an airship or blimp. It also appeared to move too fast for an airship.

Flying horizontally, from left to right, at a constant quick rate of speed, the UFO appears to be perhaps only one to two miles away (at most) from the camera and actors at the time.

During the second clip, it is momentarily obscured by a rifle strap, adding dimension for a possible size analysis, while affirming it was a distant object that reappeared for a moment, before being completely hidden behind the soldier in the scene.

Source: UFO Casebook

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