Stone age engravings discovered in Amazon resurface

A drought in Brazil has revealed engravings which may be several thousand years old and possibly provide evidence of an ancient civilization.

The images which were previously submerged and are possibly up to 7,000 years old were found engraved on rocks. They were reportedly found by a fisherman after water levels in the Rio Negro, one of the tributaries of the Amazon river, fell to their lowest level in over 100 years last month.

Tens of thousands of forest dwellers found themselves stranded after regional rivers disappeared into the desert-like sandbanks. Although water levels are again on the rise, and are now partly covering the supposed stone age engravings, local researchers got a chance to photograph them before they started to disappear again under the river’s murky waters.

Archaeologists, after having studied the photos believe the art, which includes images of faces and snakes shows that the Amazon was already home to significant civilizations thousands of years ago.

In recent years there have been a growing number of archaeologists working along the Amazon, who have revised older theories that the rainforest was not hospitable enough to host a major civilisation. It is hoped that the latest discovery will boost efforts to protect the rainforest and the ancient secrets to be found within it.

Source: discoveryon.info

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