Great Grandmother’s Ghost in a Cellphone Picture

The story was posted on LiteRockFM’s website when a listener submitted the story. Kasey claims that while babysitting her 22 month-old niece, she took a picture with her cellphone and noticed an older woman in the background. According to the story, nobody was in the room at the time and no TV nor mirrors were around to produce that image.

Great Grandmother’s Ghost in a Cellphone Picture

From LiteRockFM’s site:

So…a co-worker of ours, Lisa, brought this to our attention the other day. Turns out Lisa’s babysitter, a teenager named Kasey,was babysitting her niece, Penny (age 22 months), last week and snapped several pictures of the little girl with her phone cam. A couple days later, Kasey was going through the images and noticed there was someone behind her niece in one of the photos. This is what has us spooked: Kasey and Penny were the only ones home at the time. The image does not appear in any of the other photos she took! After sharing the image with other family members, no one initially recognized the face (of the older woman) appearing in this photo.

Do you think it’s a ghost? A Guardian Angel? Just a picture snafu of some sort?

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Ghostly yours, David and Heather


We spoke with Kasey..click on “download this show” to hear our interview!

Kasey also brought us some pictures she found of her Great-Grandmother (Penny’s Great-Great- Grandmother). This is her…

Ghost in a Cellphone

The radio station called the listener to get the full details:

LiteRock – Kasey interview

LiteRock then get’s Jason Hawes from (SyFy’s Ghost Hunters) on the phone:

LiteRock – Jason Hawes

Source: GhostTheory

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