Disney Allows “Haunted Sleepover” For First Time

Four brave souls are doing what no man has done before: spend the night at Disneyland’s “Haunted Mansion.”

Disney is allowing the guests to “sleep” inside the “Haunted Mansion” for the first time in the park’s 40 year history. But, it’s unclear if any “sleeping” will actually be done inside the chamber that has no windows and no doors.

It’s all part of a contest put on by classic rock radio station KLOS 95.5 and also marks the 40th anniversary of the spooky ride at the “Happiest Place on Earth.”

Beds will be set up in an elevator at the entrance of the ride, according to KLOS officials That’s the chamber that visitors first enter in the attraction. The room stretches as guests descend to the bottom where they walk to the “doom” buggies. The narrator announces: “This chamber has no windows, and no doors –which offers you this chilling challenge: to find a way out!”

The Haunted Mansion contest is selective.

Since July 20, contestants have called in when the deejays announce “Kids Break,” according to station officials. Children under 12 years old were able to get on the air by performing a talent, like singing or telling jokes. Everyone who got on the air won a four-person pass to Disneyland.

Radio staff members picked the top five or 10 performers and put them on the station’s Web site, where viewers can vote for their favorites. The overnight-stay winner will be picked Tuesday.

The Haunted Mansion will stay open as usual Aug. 9 — the ride’s 40th birthday. After the park closes, winners will join the ghosts who call the “Haunted Mansion” home. But, Disney officials say the night might not be restful or quiet. “The Haunted Mansion is 40 years old and, like any building its age, it may be full of creaks and other eerie noises throughout the night. The guests may also be visited by the ‘occupants’ of the Haunted Mansion.”

A live feed will be broadcast from inside the mansion that night on 955klos.com from midnight to 6 a.m.

Source: KTLA News

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