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Mizzou women’s basketballers roughed up male cheerleader

Mizzou women's basketballers roughed up male cheerleaderMeet Amanda Hanneman and Jessra Johnson Mizzou women’s basketballers.

The University of Missouri basketball players were arrested Friday for allegedly beating up a male cheerleader who complained that they were making too much noise during an early-morning house party.

According to a Columbia Police Department report, Hanneman (below, top) and Johnson were picked up after “victim reported being shoved and punched by the suspects.”

The victim, a 21-year-old senior on the university’s cheerleading squad, suffered a broken nose and an eye injury during the 2 AM attack.

Hanneman, 22, and Johnson, 21, both senior forwards on the basketball team, left the scene following the altercation but were later arrested.

The athletes were booked into the Boone County Sheriff’s Office lockup, where they posed for the below mug shots (before being released on $500 bond).

Hanneman and Johnson, their team’s leading scorers, have both been indefinitely suspended from the 7-2 squad.

Source: The Smoking Gun

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