Woman travels the world with her husband’s ashes

The Englishman Richard Munns always wanted to travel the world, but his fear of flying prevented him from pursuing that dream.

When he died, a victim of cancer in 2007, his wife had a brilliant idea: take the ashes of her husband to ‘know’ various countries.

Rita Munns, 63, followed his journey through 12 countries and covered about 96 thousand kilometers accompanied by an envelope with the remains of Richard.

In each place, a small portion of the ashes of Richard Munns was left. They did so in China, Jerusalem and New Zealand, for example. Rita promises, “there is a bit of my husband in every continent.

Asked by the English newspaper “Daily Mail” felt like traveling with the remains of her husband, Rita said:

“I lived with him for 40 years and, if alive, Richard had tried to travel to these countries. I am very happy to realize that their dream.

Source: dailymail.co.uk

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