Canadian collected thousands of golf balls in the house

Barry Grosse always had the best dimples.

Those dimples adorned golf balls the Saskatoon man collected at an obsessive rate: Nearly 40,000, as near as nephew Phil Grosse can figure. The balls were washed, grouped and packed into various parts of his home.

Then, Barry Grosse died a senseless and highly publicized death, struck down at 3 a.m. last Sept. 24 while riding his bike on Eighth Street. Two men have pleaded not guilty to street racing charges in his death.

So deep was Grosse’s connection to the sport, and the spheres, that everybody who attended his funeral received a golf ball inscribed with his name.

One of many lingering questions in the tragedy’s aftermath was what to do with those orphaned balls. After much thought, wife Carol and nephew Phil bounced an estimated 30,000 to the Saskatchewan Golf Association, which promises to make good use of the unpre-cedented donation.

“Anything he found, he kept,” Phil said this week of his uncle, who won the 1973 Saskatchewan amateur championship. “I don’t know how many of them he tripped over in the bush, I don’t know how many he actually dug for in the bush, I don’t know how many balls he fished out of a pond. All I know is he’s got about 40,000 golf balls.”

Phil, wanting to do something nice for his uncle, figured the best gift was a logoed golf ball. And, judging by its honoured place many years later, Barry felt likewise.

All but 8,000 golf balls from Barry’s collection are going to the SGA; the ones staying back were his original logoed ones, many with sentimental value.

Source: The Regina Leader-Post

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