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Unusual Triangle Shaped Anomaly Recorded at Portsmouth, NH Truck Accident Site

MUFON witness report: While looking at the reporters photo of a news story on Seacoastonline, I noticed a strange shape in the photo.

Directly above the fire truck in the attached photo, is a triangular shape.

There is no such shaped object in the area where this photo was taken.

I am not the taker of the photo, either, merely curious at what it could be.

I have sent an e-mail to the newspaper this morning inquiring as to whether or not this photo was photo-shopped prior to publishing.

I have not had a response as of yet.

My first thought was that the photo was a screen capture of an on-line paused video (where a triangle shows in the middle of the screen).

When I zoomed in on the photo, it does appear that the right most point of the triangle is behind the building.

Source: Phantoms and Monsters

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