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UFO proof on film from Russia?

The astonishingly clear daytime UFO footage below was captured in the wilderness between Perm and Sverdlovsk in the Ural Mountains bordering Siberia, Russia. This UFO event occurred sometime in September of this year. The video shows what appears to be a close-by spherical UFO seemingly under intelligent control darting back and forth mid-air.

The witness claims to be a local devoted UFO hunter who has been to this specific area many times to hunt for UFOs. He is clearly excited as he finally sees and films his elusive prey.

Interested readers might want to watch the entire clip as the craft is zoomed-in on and behaves unusually towards the end of the footage.

Co-incidentally just today a local newspaper in the area published a long and rather detailed article devoted to the idea that the area between Perm and Sverdlovsk is an anomalous zone specifically pertaining to UFOs and extraterrestrial events. The article makes mention of the fact that many UFO scholars believe some sort of UFO port or cosmodrome exists here. More interestingly the article notes that many of the UFO events here involve these black spherical craft: Adding weight to the event reported in this article.

Proof of ET visitation is growing day by day as far as many UFO researchers are concerned and this amazing encounter might be regarded by them as further evidence.

Source: Phantoms and Monsters

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