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KDKA-TV captures strange passing lights on weather cam

Strange lights captured by a weather cam became a hot topic of discussion on the early morning newscast on KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh. A weather cam situated at Blackhawk High School captured two strange lights that passed over at different times. The first light passed around 3 a.m. in the morning, while the second object passed over at just prior to sunrise. KDKA has since posted an announcement on their website claiming that their technical staff have associated the sightings with natural phenomenon. The first object was described as being the Moon, while the second object was explained as being the planet Venus. I have only seen the film clip that has been uploaded onto KDKA’s website, but would like to offer an observation.

The first object was a completely round, bright object and was identified by KDKA as being the Moon. The Moon is currently in it’s last quarter cycle and would not have been observed as a completely round object. The second object could have possibly been the planet Venus since the light was captured just before sunrise, and Venus is appearing in the morning sky about forty-five minutes before sunrise and will stand above the eastern horizon at sunrise. I cannot explain the quick movement of the objects as they appear in the uploaded film clips, unless they are showing time-lapsed photography. The Moon would not currently be appearing as a completely circular object, unless the image is being blurred due to time-lapsed photography.

Watch and see what you think about it

Source: Pittsburgh UFO Examiner

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