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Incredible new UFO videos from China surface

The sheer volume of UFO sightings that are occurring in China at the moment is astonishing. Every day dozens if not hundreds of citizens of that nation see UFOs and at least a dozen new videos filmed by witnesses are uploaded onto the Internet. Sometimes older footage gathering dust in witnesses cupboards is also converted into digital format and put on The Net for the world to see.

These two fascinating clips have just been loaded onto the internet. The first video (below) shows what appears to be a close-up of a mother ship type UFO that was seen hovering over a Chinese city earlier this year.

The second video (below) shows a black ‘walnut shaped’ UFO seen from what appears to be a train. The UFO is either directly in front of the sun or emitting its own blinding light. Debunkers have claimed these UFOs are merely the result of light overload on digital cameras. The witnesses here seem to see the object with their own eyes and the UFO moves away at the end. Or does it just appear to move away? What do you think?

Source: All News Web

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