Family scary

Translation from spanish:
After living for some time with poltergeist activity, a family decides to video tape the phenomenon late one night.

Mother: Come on kids, come. My husband is right now video taping this because my kids heard noises and were scared out of their rooms. Tell them Annie what you saw.

Youngest Daughter: I was asleep and I heard noises.

Mother: You heard noises and it scared you? (to the camera) Right now we are trying to see them (spirits). My husband grabbed the camera, because they (spirits) have been scaring us several times in this house. We’ve heard several noises and we know that there is no other person here in the house.

Background thump

Mother: (to her kids) Come here, come here because we just heard something inside the room.

Door appears to close by itself

Husband: Who closed the door? Who closed the door?

Source: Ghost Theory

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