Vote For Cryptozoology Museum

Help out the International Cryptozoology Museum get some respect in Portland, Maine, and nationally, by voting for the ICM (miscalled the “International Museum of Cryptozoology” on the ballot, although I am trying to have them fix that) for the “Best of Portland” recognition under “MUSEUM.”

Go Vote for the best MUSEUM on the Phoenix ballot!

You have to then click “Submit Vote.” When it acknowledges “You have sucessfully voted” in the MUSEUM category, then click on “See My Ballot.” Under “Arts & Entertainment,” if you wish – since they left me off the ballot – we have to pull off a revolution on this one…..please

Write in “Loren Coleman” for Portland author on the other part of the Phoenix ballot! Click “Submit Vote,” and then ”Skip to Finish.”

Your votes will count. It is easier than it sounds.

Source: Phantoms and Monsters

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