Help solve the Ghost Rockets Mystery

Help to solve the Ghost Rockets Mystery (2)Did you ever heard about Ghost Rockets? The first reports date from 1946 in Sweden. The paranormal group UFO-Sweden no decided to solve the mystery and yes, you can help.

On the 26th day of February of 1946, the first sight of a fast flying missile shaped objects that move with little or no sound was reported but sightings have being observed at least 8 or 10 years earlier.

The so-called Ghost Rockets often reported to crash in lakes, and in some cases land, from all over Sweden, in a seemingly controlled fashion before sinking. The object can vary in size and have been seen with and without wings, but are usually considered to be too small to carry a pilot.

First hypothesis pointed for meteor showers, or by the Russians testing captured German missiles, but the Swedish military, never recovered fragments from rocks or projectiles.

Help to solve the Ghost Rockets Mystery (3)
Talking about the Military Involvement, due in act by the large number or witness and reports the Swedish military formed the Ghost Rockets Investigation Committee. They had one primary objective: identify the objects and determine their origin.

Focusing the search at the lake Kölmjärv, a three week military search yielded little other then presents of craters on the lake bed and torn off aquatic plants. Despite evidence that something had crashed, they where unable to determine what.

US and RAF (British military) put together a team called Task force 196, on standby, equipped with the latest technology, but never received a green light for diplomatic reason. Swedish Prime Minister at the time refused them entry due to the fears that Sweden’s “neutral” status was at risk. Those were times right after the end of World War II.

Help investigate the Ghost Rockets mystery

Help to solve the Ghost Rockets MysteryNow day the Scandinavian phenomena is one of the most well documented UFO-cases in history, since 1946, approximately 2,000 unidentified objects have been seen in the skies above Sweden. The group UFO-Sweden received the declassified Ghost Rockets documents from the Swedish Military consisting of witness statements, drawings and investigation results.

Documents has being scanned and are in the process of building a web based application where you can tag clues within the reports, comment on sections within the text, discuss findings with others and collect information to propose your own theories. Maybe by working together, we can find something in these reports, a clue, a pattern, something consistent, something that might finally reveal an answer.

If you are interested visit their page, ghostrockets.se, first of its kind online collaborative investigation into the Swedish Military´s Ghost Rockets archive.

To this day people still report seeing ghost rockets throughout Sweden, with unsettling resemblance to the original 1946 reports. But what they were or where they came from remains unknown.

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