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You have to listen: Darkness Radio today with amazing interview with John Searl, who created his own flying discs, in 1968

On Darkness Radio, hosted by David Scharader and Mallie Fox the interview with John Searl & Bradley Lockerman.

The John Searl Story is a documentary that chronicles the life of John Roy Robert Searl and his extraordinary scientific claims… claims that, if true, could solve our world’s energy crisis.

Born in England on May 2, 1932, John Searl experienced recurring childhood dreams that led him to design a revolutionary electrical generator fueled only by rotating magnets, and large discs that emulated the flight characteristics displayed by many UFOs.

It is said that the first Sunday of every month between 1968 and 1972, Searl demonstrated his generators and flying discs to the general public.

Television cameramen and news reporters were supposedly present for the events, and Searl claims he also demonstrated his flying disc to US military personnel.

They have discussed the flight and energy uses of the Searl Effect Generator, tonight them delve into the amazing possibilities from health and healing to nuclear clean-up and helpig bring water and food to areas that have been long baren.

There is a change coming and John Searl may have the answer.

Tune in and hear this incredible story and witness the unbelievable conspiracy that has covered up this mans work for over 40 years.

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At hour 1, Adrian Lee and Stan Pagel retun with more news of the weird and paranormal.

Watch the trailer of The John Searl Story below

Source: Strange Strange Strange

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