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Top 10 Weird Illnesses with No Verified Causes

1. The Exploding Head Syndrome – The person suffering from this odd disease will hear a sound blast that seem to originate from within ones head. It is generally described as a roar or crashing sound. It is usually accompanied by intense pain. The occurrence can be one time or it can be a recurring condition.

2. Sweating Syndrome – This mysterious disease is an extremely virulent disease that swept England and entire Europe in 1485 until 1551. Death normally occurs within the hour from the onset of the mysterious disease.

3. Peruvian Meteorite Syndrome – This mysterious disease started after the Carancas meteorite fell in September of 2007. The villagers that were exposed to the meteorite impact started to suffer an unexplained illness that had several symptoms including nausea and vomiting.

4. Nodding Syndrome – The symptoms of this mysterious are very odd. A child suffering from this syndrome experience stunted growth on a permanent basis. It is thus named as such due to the peculiar nodding which is the main pathological indication of the mysterious illness.

5. Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome – There are certain types of medical condition being experienced by individuals which are being attributed to the continuous exposure to EM fields. However, studies are still ongoing in order to determine the effect of exposure to electromagnetic radiation that is well within the international standards.

6. Cyclic Vomiting Disease – This is a mysterious medical condition that is characterized by repeated attacks of nausea and vomiting. Intense abdominal pain and migraine are also associated with this weird illness.

7. Stiff Person Disease – This bizarre and very rare disease is clouded in mystery as to its cause is concerned. It is characterized by sudden attack of muscle spasms that can sometimes be so strong that it can immobilize a person or even lead to broken bones.

8. Twentieth Century Syndrome – This odd disease is also known as multiple chemical sensitivity or MCS. This mysterious disease is associated to adverse and prolonged exposure to low levels of harmful chemicals and other substances that are present in the modern day environment.

9. The Gulf War Syndrome – This is a baffling and mysterious medical condition that affected US troops who were sent to the Persian Gulf during the 1991 Persian Gulf War. It is characterized by impaired immune system and serious birth defects.

10. Morgellons Disease – This weird medical condition is characterized by stinging, crawling and biting sensation on or under the skin. This disease also results to the development of skin lesions in the form of rashes and sores.

Source: top-10-list.org

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